We are going to an artists’ retreat

I have recently been enjoying Jane LaFazio’s blog. I love seeing her sketched/watercolor journal pages. Recently she taught a journalling class in Orvieto, Italy. This involved drawing and painting at cafes, visiting markets and museums and sketching the produce and the displays amongst other things.

Coming soon is a ‘walk and watercolour’ trip to France. Sounds pretty good, right?

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I also completed an online workshop last week in which we were challenged to consider how we are going to keep developing and learning as an artist. Ummm… an art walk in France??

Keeping things realistic, I am always conscious that my goals as an artist are secondary to my primary task and calling as wife and mother. So Artist’s trips to Europe, even under the guise of professional development, are out of the question in the foreseeable future.

But of course my mind kept picturing delicious pastries, farmers’ markets, and beautiful sketchbook pages, so I have conjured up a solution which I am pretty excited about (so are the kids, thankfully).

With the ‘winter’ (feels like spring this week) school holidays starting coming weekend, my kids and I are going to have our own artists’ retreat right here at home in little ‘ole Perth!

I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I’ll certainly let you know how we go! I am looking forward to developing my drawing and journalling skills, as well as eagerly anticipating drawing together with my kids.

11 thoughts on “We are going to an artists’ retreat

  1. ruthdevos Post author

    Hey! I hadn’t made that connection yet! Guess I’ll have to make some French macarons to complement the whole affair now too!

      1. ruthdevos Post author

        Yes, that does sound more realistic. Ideally it would be brie, but I’m not supposed to be eating that right now.

  2. bronya

    what a great idea – you are a fantastic mum (and artist of course) … i’ll be looking forward to the round-up and potentially stealing your idea for the distant future – unfortunately macy doesn’t let me have a minute alone yet but we are getting there …

  3. ruthdevos Post author

    Bronya, I wish that being a fantastic mum was as simply as coming up with creative activities, but it’s not. I’m still extremely impatient with the kids, and am working very hard at fighting this. I’m really enjoying ‘the better mom’ blog which you shared on Facebook this week. I’m busy putting into practice some of the things I have read there!

  4. Kristy

    To add on to your imaginations of European pastries and farmer’s markets: beautiful european fabric. If you come across any good fabric places in your artists retreat in Perth, let me know ok? I’m still feeling very disappointed after my fabric shopping failure last Wednesday.
    Hope you all have a great time being ‘arty’ together!! The kids will treasure those memories when they are older!

    1. ruthdevos Post author

      Are you looking for dressmaking fabric, Kristy? Have you looked online at all (don’t like your chances of finding much here in Perth)?

      1. Kristy

        Yes, dressmaking. I have looked online, but there isn’t much available in Aus. Plenty of patchwork and quilting fabric stores- maybe I’m going to have to steer my sewing in a different direction. I hear it doesn’t take long to become addicted!

  5. tash o

    Gorgeous idea Ruth! If only we could just drop everything and fly to France! I was talking to the kids this arvo about what we should do in the holidays. Their idea? Multi-cultural cooking. Hmmmm… might have to come up with something a little cheaper! Maybe Multi-cultural art??

    1. ruthdevos Post author

      Sounds like your kids know what’s good for them, Tash! And if you managed it right, you wouldn’t have to cook dinner yourself all holidays.

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