Various December happenings…

We are enjoying turning our attention to Christmas here at our house! Our aim is to focus on the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and what this means for us, and we therefore avoid most of the commercialism of Christmas – we don’t exchange gifts, and I steer clear of Santa. However, I do want to make sure Christmas doesn’t sneak up on us without due forethought, so I love the idea of an advent of sorts.Last year we read “The Jesse Tree” in the lead up to Christmas. This year we are focussing on a short Bible passage each day. We read it at dinnertime, talk about it with the children, and then hang up a printout of it so that we can be reminded and easily re-read them.

It’s nothing fancy, but the children have been very eager to read each day’s passage. (I’ve included a PDF of the verses we chose if you wish to use them. Just click here: Advent verses.

On another note, my artwork has been blessed with an appearance in Textile Fibre Forum. Thank you, Janet!Also, “To the Third and Fourth Generation” is going to be on display at the Wesley Church in Perth as part of “A Child is Born”. (Open 8th December to 16th December, 9am to 5pm). 

I also have some eucalyptus-themed  have work appearing in Bunbury Regional Art Galleries’ Christmas Shop over the summer too.

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  1. Ellen Lindner

    When my son was young, I tried to make sure he had as many “Jesus encounters” as Santa ones. Which was challenging, since lots of strangers mentioned Santa to him.

    One way I tried to keep balance was to relate everyday Christmas activities to the birth of Jesus. Tree lights for the star of Bethlehem, gifts because Jesus is a gift, and the white tree skirt (a tablecloth) for swaddling clothes. At age 19, he still remembers those things.

    We also made “birthday” cupcakes for Jesus, having fun decorating 24 different ways. Before each cupcake was eaten, we lit a birthday candle and sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. 24 reminders!

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