Screenprinted softies

I promised I’d share more about the softies we made for the little people’s bedroom.You may recognise the images from here and here. The big guy was drawn by Aaron many years ago. Hannah drew ‘Grandad’ (note the glasses!), also many years ago (with her signature detached finger-and-toe circles). And Caleb drew himself earlier this year. So a contribution from each of the older siblings.

I enlarged to pictures (because the point of the softies was to make a good splash of colour in the bedroom) and made some paper stencils.

I should have considered the size of my silk screen before I did this. The largest stencil was too big to screenprint so I stencilled it with a ‘foam brush’. It was a bit tricky to keep the paper down firmly on the fabric. (I used double-sided sticky tape in places.)
If you try this with a brush, be sure to brush from the paper towards the fabric and not the other way around, in order to keep the paint from oozing under the paper. Also, you might want to try using freezer paper (which sticks to the fabric temporarily if you iron it) or contact adhesive instead of the cartridge paper I used.

The paint consistency made a difference to the success of the stencil too, with thinner paint oozing under the stencil no matter how careful I was.

Thankfully the other two stencils could be screen-printed – much easier! (Read more about my screen-printing process here.)

For more colour, I chose some contrasting backing fabric. With the fabrics right sides together I sewed a simple shape around the print, leaving an opening for stuffing. Lots of stuffing!
While we were at it, we made one for my ‘little’ sister’s 29th birthday. (I love that I can make the same thing for my little two year-old man as for my 29 year-old sister, and no, I don’t consider that an insult – I have a policy of only giving gifts that I would be happy to receive myself). Although I’m not big on trends and I’m not big on neon, I thought we’d try and make them a little bit fashionable by using neon paint. And then I found neon red. Neon red? Maybe I’m more into neon than I thought!

Oh, and one more thing. Printing ‘Grandad’ gave us another idea. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Screenprinted softies

  1. natalie P

    just love these, so bright and so unique, they will be treasured for sure. I can’t wait till my bub can draw to make her some softies.

  2. Prue

    They are great! I was thinking of doing something similar with my kids drawings, to make wall hangings for our playroom. If you ever do a stencil that’s too big for your screen again, consider using freezer paper – it has a shiny side and a matt side. The shiny side can be ironed to the fabric, and a temporary bond is created, and you can just peel it off afterwards. You should be able to buy freezer paper from craft stores – pretty sure Spotlight has it.

  3. Annemieke

    Ruth I like like like like like it!!! Je bent nooit te oud of te jong voor zo’n softie;) mmm ik wordt 55 eind dec. ;)

    1. ruthdevos Post author

      Ligt eigenlijk aan hoe veel ruimte u heeft in u koffer – en dat ligt aan hoe veel schoenen and kleren u meneemt :) ! (Actually, I can make one without stuffing it, if you don’t mind stuffing it and stitching it closed yourself at home…)

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