Quick: taking 10 minutes to be creative

I have to climb a flight of stairs to get to my studio. That means that there are times when I think ‘only half an hour – not worth going upstairs for’. That, and the fact that I never quite know what Marcus is going to do next. When I think like that, though, I find that I don’t manage to get into the studio at all. And that quickly gets frustrating.

I should know better. After all, I’ve often said that one of my main strategies for continuing to produce artwork while being busy with small children is to make use of those little pockets of time. It’s why I love having a working process that enables me to work in short bursts if necessary. I know full well that every 10 minutes spent in the studio helps when it comes to making my art. And not only that, but it’s good for my sanity too!

In 10 minutes (rather than lose the time online) I could:
- sketch something
- brainstorm some new quilt ideas or blog post topics
- take photos of work-in-progress
- straighten up the studio for the next time I can work in it
- puzzle some quilt pieces together on a tray all ready for piecing
- stitch some pieces together (every little bit is progress in the right direction)
- bury some thread ends (as above)
- select fabric for my next quilt
- review fabric selection

Here are some more ways to spend 10 minutes:
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What creative thing would you do in a spare 10 minutes? Or would you use the 10 minute time slot to tackle something else?

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