Notebook: sketchbooks full of visual notes

If the house was burning down, the possessions I would most like to save are my sketchbooks. They contain many years of visual notes.  Diagrams, quick sketches and detailed sketches that serve to record, remind and inspire. All my artworks start in these sketch/notebooks.

My sketchbook is where I note any germ-of-an-idea that enters my head. It’s also where I develop those little ideas. Sometimes it’s where I discard an idea (maybe to resurrect it later on). And if I’m stuck for ideas, the sketchbook is where I scribble and sketch and note down random things until the ideas start flowing again. 

Here’s a recent post on how I make my sketchbooks and my Pinterest board of sketches.

I’m linking up with #amonthof #mycreativespace for the month of November. Today’s prompt: notebook.

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