Nostalgic: piecing another eucalyptus quilt

My first body of artwork was eucalyptus-themed, so revisiting eucalyptus quilts this summer certainly has a touch of nostalgia to it.

Whenever I exhibit my childhood-themed quilts, there are always a few people who like to remind me that they still prefer my eucalyptus quilts better. And that's great, of course! It's partly because of that, and partly for a change of scene that I decided to work on some new eucalypts this summer. I love how the latest one is turning out, but being summer and all, they are progressing too slowly for my liking. And to be brutally honest with you, I'm actually finding them a tad boring to make. I feel like I've moved on to new things with my artwork and it feels as though working on these quilts is taking a step backwards somehow.

Of course, I may feel differently down the track, and I am going to finish the eucalyptus quilts I have started. However, I sure looking forward to starting a new childhood-themed quilt!

Playing along with #amonthof moments. Today’s prompt: nostalgic