Know your roots: making a house into a home

I’m convinced that things which tell our story are invaluable in making a house a home. I love that in our house we have treasures which tell of our roots.

In the lounge I look onto this wall from my favourite chair. It shows an old map of the town where I was born (Klundert, the Netherlands) as well as early maps of Australia and the Netherlands. It also shows photos of the neighbourhood in which we now live, taken around about the time that Phil’s parents migrated here as children. On the cupboard underneath is a little porcelain piggy bank which I received as a baby, containing a tinkling of Dutch ‘kwartjes’. And the large Leon Pericles’ artwork on the wall is ‘Oma’s artwork’ – bought with our ‘inheritance’ from my paternal Oma, it tells of the Batavia. I like the Dutch-Australian connection there. Oma visited us here in Australia several times, and I’m convinced that if she’d been on the Batavia, she would have kept them all properly in line!

In the lounge we also have a lounge suite from Phil’s maternal grandmother. The table in the playroom was made by Phil’s paternal grandfather as their dining table (we shortened the legs a little).


In our bedroom are these beautiful photos taken by my sister. They depict tools and parts from my Opa’s clockmaking workshop.

Scattered throughout the house are also many things made by our parents (well, actually, Phil’s father was involved in most of the house-building process) and many of the things that Phil and I made are thanks to the skills learnt from our parents.

And now our children are adding to the story of our home, in their artwork, and even in the various scratches and marks that get added to the walls and furniture on a regular basis.

While others may not see the story in these things, I love all the little reminders of our family history. You can’t buy that out of a catalogue!

I’m linking up with #amonthof #mycreativespace for the month of November. Today’s prompt: knowing your roots.

4 thoughts on “Know your roots: making a house into a home

  1. Bronya

    That’s so special Ruth … I love homemade or passed down or gifted items – so much better then buying a mass produced something just to sit on a shelf to get dusted like you find In my house – you are an inspiration! Bx

  2. lia Overman

    Just love all the family memories.I so relate to all that.
    I spent all day yesterday rehanging all my treasures, same sort of feelings as you.
    Have invested in a hanging system,(rails like in a gallery)
    A challenge, doing it on my own.

    Thanks for all the snippets of news, am amazes that you find time for it.

    Love Lia

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