In Conversation: You Must Love Children!

Following on from the last ‘In Conversation’ post, here is another common question.

Looking at your childhood quilts and considering that you are expecting your fifth child, you must love children?!

Well, believe it or not, it’s taken me some time to come to terms with this whole business called motherhood. However, the Bible teaches that children are a blessing from the Lord, and I know that one of my most significant tasks in life is to teach the children who have been entrusted into my care to know the Lord, and to love Him and serve Him (and all those around us) all their days.

I have never described myself as someone who loves children. But yes, I do love my children (of course!) and I have also learned to become passionate about my role as mother over the years. Making my ‘childhood’-themed artworks has helped me to value and enjoy this calling! There truly is so much to enjoy and to learn from in observing and guiding small children in their journey of discovering this wonderful world in which we live.

I love how art business coach Alyson B. Stanfield wrote in a recent blog post that she never advises artists to simply ‘following your passion’. She pointed out that ‘you cannot make a living on passion alone’ and I believe this applies to most of life. This life is not about only doing what we enjoy and are passionate about.

Alyson  states that through much hard work and uncertainty “I grew to be passionate about what I do!”. I also believe that can apply (albeit somewhat circumspectly) to much of life. We can take what we have been given to do / are called to do, and do it begrudgingly, or we can find joy in it and become passionate about it, whether it is our day job, our tasks within the community or our place within our family (mother, sister, daughter, wife).

(I am also very conscious of the privilege of being a mother. Yes, it must surely be up there amongst the most difficult jobs in the world, but it also brings much joy, and I know that there are many who would love to have children of their own but don’t).