Horizontal: how do you like your art?

I often wonder, as I’m sketching out new quilt designs, whether it’s better to go vertical or horizontal. Usually I end up going square-ish with my designs. But if not square, then I think my preference is horizontal. For some reason, more than 95% of the photos I take are also horizontal. Not sure if there is anything subconscious behind that.

Golden Afternoons © Ruth de Vos 2010

Here’s an article on hanging art vertically or horizontally that you might find interesting.

Eucalyptus Spectacular © Ruth de Vos 2008

Crawl © Ruth de Vos 2012

Of course, sometimes the subject matter dictates whether to go vertical or horizontal. But I’m curious… do you have a preference one way or another? If so, do you have a reason?

Playing along with #amonthof moments. Yesterday’s prompt: horizontal