Cool: enjoying summer

ahhh… a perfect summer day… an early morning swim…
…a visit to the local library, followed by many hours of book reading…
…and a couple of hours in the studio, with a nice cool fruit smoothie (and carrot sticks) for a lazy lunch, and a refreshing breeze blowing through the room…
Having lived in Perth for 17 years now (wow!) I do believe I’m starting to enjoy our hot summers – really hot days of not doing much, interspersed with lovely breezy days for tackling some holiday sewing. I hope you are staying cool enough (or warm, if you’re in winter) wherever you are!

Playing along with #amonthof moments. Today’s prompt: cool

2 thoughts on “Cool: enjoying summer

  1. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    Hi Ruth, dropping in from #amonthof. Your work is just gorgeous and I loved reading this post. Isn’t it wonderful when your kids love reading? Bella has the same fairy books.
    See you around the FB page :)
    Lisa x

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