Colour: screen-printing a happy quilt

I’m loving the splash of colour that’s on my design wall at the moment. Screen-printed deliciousness taking on the form of a practical quilt (times 10).
I’m linking up with #amonthof #mycreativespace for the month of November. Today’s prompt: colour.


5 thoughts on “Colour: screen-printing a happy quilt

  1. tash

    oh, that looks great Ruth! Love the boat print. Just bought some flouro green paint yesterday for Chiara to print some shirts! Might do some extra printing now after seeing what you have done!

  2. bronya

    super super cool … loving it … but I think I write that under every single one of your posts … sooooooo x10 means you may potentially have one that a simpleton sewer may be able to purchase – perhaps? maybe? before you put it in your shop? I have a matching cushion hehe :) … I pulled my sewing machine out of the packing box just the other day – after that I was exhausted and went downstairs … I do try to be creative and your cue to just do and not wait for moments of creativity is on mind a lot at the moment … I am missing a lot of things at the moment – the big one being routine and the second being spontaneous creativity. I know they seem contradictory but they work well together … anyhow, sitting amongst mess I shouldst stop procrastinating and start sorting … again x

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