Happy: screen-printed softies-to-be

It doesn’t get much happier than these little guys! (Top one drawn by 3 year-old Caleb and the second one drawn by 3 year-old Aaron). These ones are destined to become simple softies like these ones and these ones.

I managed to print up a storm in the last couple of weeks and I love how it all looks hanging on the line…

One more design to print, and then lot’s of stitching (part of my embarassingly long list of projects in-progress.) Although I’m not getting to this half as quickly as I would like, I’m happy to have at least made a start!

I’m linking up with #amonthof #mycreativespace for the month of November. Today’s prompt: happy.

4 thoughts on “Happy: screen-printed softies-to-be

  1. natalie P

    I love all your screen printing and the colours are great, I can’t wait till Kate is older enough to draw me a picture to make her own softy :)

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